Friday, September 17, 2010

Gatlinburg: A family tradition

Visitor Information for Gatlinburg, Tennessee: "Somewhere between the first ride and the last hike, it will dawn on you. You're getting a true mountain experience. Gatlinburg really is the perfect place for your family vacation and to stay and play.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is full of amusements and is surrounded by the nation's most popular national park. Whether you stay here for two days or a week, with your entire family or just the two of you, it will be a vacation you'll remember for a lifetime. Most of the visitors have been to Gatlinburg before. Perhaps it started with their parents or grandparents, but now it's an annual retreat. If you've never been here, then it's time to start a tradition of your own.
No matter where you stay in Gatlinburg, you will be nestled in the mountains. Great views abound. Choose from a wide range of hotels, motels and cabins. You can't go wrong with either selection. Whether it's the 'something for everyone' aspect of this fun mountain town or the allure of the surrounding natural beauty, this is the perfect family tradition.
You've seen mountains before. But nothing can prepare you for the awe-inspiring beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park." This information is brought to you by Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce.
I can say from my own experience, that Gatlinburg is an excellent place for family vacations and romantic getaways. It seems like it is a perfect tradition to getaway to the mountains, take in some nature, and escape the chaos of the "real" world. After initially staying in a hotel downtown Gatlinburg, I won't forget the 1st time I stayed in a log cabin perched above the City of Gatlinburg in 1987. It was an amazing experience with the solitude, the elevation, & the views of Downtown Gatlinburg. It was our home away from home, and my father ended up purchasing the place about two weeks later from the Land of Lincoln (Illinois). Thus, it became our place to visit and continue a family tradition of vacationing in the mountains of Southeastern Tennessee. Try it & you'll always come back!

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