Wednesday, February 23, 2011


  1. Driver's License/ ID -- This could get you in trouble with a police office or disallow the fun nightlife
  2. Camera --Don't you want proof of your fun & memories?  Well, at least, most of them!
  3. Sunglasses -- It's never cool to squint
  4. Cell Phone including Charger -- This is good to have for emergency use, calling for information, & staying in touch with those you left behind
  5. Credit Cards/ Travellers Cheques -- A cash only approach could get you in trouble, especially if you tend to burn through it or lose it
  6. Sunscreen -- It's important to use this when hiking, swimming, or just walking the town.  It's very important to apply during the Summer heat!
  7. Good Shoes -- You should have the proper shoes for any activities.  Flip Flops will not get you through an entire vacation.  If you are hiking the mountains, walking the City, or checking out a trendy hotspot, you will want to wear the proper shoes
  8. Kid's Gear -- Remember to bring the kids' necessities.  That is more often than not, more important than the adults' Stuff & will make for a happier vacation getaway
  9. Medical items -- prescriptions, band-aids, pain relievers, bug repellent
  10. Auto/ Health Insurance Card
These items are important whether you are going to Dollywood or Disney World, New York or Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains or the Carribean!  When you are well prepared for a romantic getaway or family vacation, you will feel better about the future of your trip and relieve much stress from the start.  So, make your list, check it twice, and have fun on your vacation.  It will be so nice!

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