Monday, February 28, 2011

Waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains Outside of Gatlinburg

You may come stay in a luxury cabin rental in the Smokies.  Each day in Gatlinburg, you will want to try to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor landscape here with your family or friends.  The Smokies are the largest mountain mass East of the Rockies.  Sixteen of its peaks are more than 6,000 feet high.  The higher slopes get as much as 100+ inches of rain each year in the Smokies.  Some of the Great Walks or hikes through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park have beautiful waterfalls to experience.  We will cover a few for you to consider and research for your vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Mingo Falls offers one of the most stunning cascades in the region.  It can be reached after a short, quick walk in the Smokies.  It has another smaller falls, plus about 100 feet of exciting white-water creek as well.  Long, delicate ribbons of water trickle down the ledge of 100 foot high Mingo Falls, one of the tallest cascades in the Smokies.

Lynn Camp Prong Falls offers some of the most impressive collection of falls in the Park.  The creekside trail leading up to the Falls, the Middle Prong Trail, was once the bed of a railroad built to haul lumber.  It's not one falls but many and it must be seen not from the bench opposite the falls farthest upstream but from the bottom of the falls farthest downstream.  All three falls flow into a deep pool in the ledge that's foaming with white water, like a huge natural jacuzzi. 

Laurel Falls can be reached by walking a paved 2.5 mile trail just 3 miles west of the Sugarlands Visitor Center.  On your way to the falls, you'll see a picture window view of the Smoky Mountains.  You can actually view the falls, both upper and lower simultaneously, from across the creek.  It is a tremendous sight!

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