Monday, February 26, 2007

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park encompasses 800 square miles in the states of Tennessee and North Carolina and is the showcase for some of the most inspiring natural and cultural treasures that the Southern Appalachians have to offer. The Park's abundant plant and animal life and historical significance, coupled with its accessibility, makes the national park the most visited in the nation with over 9 million visitors annually. The Smokies lies within 550 miles of one-third of the American population.

The Park has more than 1,100 front country campsites, 100 backcountry campsites, 800 miles of trails, 700 miles of streams, 11 picnic grounds, 3 visitor centers, and numerous scenic overlooks. American black bears, deer, turkeys, flowers and other wildlife are popular with nature photographers in the Smokies. The Park's intricate trail system provides access to view the diversity of life in the Smokies. Many salamander and plant species are found nowhere else in the world, and the forests contain more tree species than any national park.
Park maps, guidebooks, handbooks and videos are available at the Park bookstores within each visitor center. More information can be found at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park website,, and also by calling 865-436-1200.

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