Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gatlinburg Pizza Man saves the day or did he??

Recent Gatlinburg news story has garnered a lot of media attention and why not?, It's an extraordinarily crazy story. People come up to the Smoky Mountains for all different reasons. Recently, a Pizza Delivery guy delivering a pizza(thus the name) to a gatlinburg cabin rental noticed something suspicious- A lady tied to a couch. Gets weirder. He goes to a house next door and phones the police. Police supposedly interview the lady who at first says she is not a kidnapping victim and later changes her story that she is. People do a lot of crazy stuff, but it turns out this would possibly be her 3rd time of falsifying charges against someone else. Before police can do a formal investigation, the 911 call is leaked to the media garnering national media attention. Is this a case of Crying Wolf or Crying for Pizza?
For your next news story, I recommend the Gatlinburg Dominoes for Delivery 865-436-2020 or a pizza at the Gatlinburg Brewery or Best Italian restaurants. It will fill your wolf like ravenous appetite for food & service.

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