Monday, March 08, 2010

Top 10 reasons to buy Trip Insurance

Whether you're taking a summer trip to the Smoky Mountains or going on a Caribbean cruise, you should have trip insurance to protect you against the unexpected. Trip insurance helps give you peace of mind in uncertain times and it is not as expensive as you think. Trip insurance can help cover you and your vacation investment
if and when the unexpected happens. Top reasons to buy trip insurance:
What if... or a loved one gets sick before you leave for your Pigeon Forge trip? need medical treatment while traveling?
...a hurricane or blizzard prevents you from starting your
Gatlinburg vacation or forces you to leave early?'ve lost your job or have been laid off?
...your flight has been canceled
...your bag is lost along with your medication lose your wallet/passport're involved in an accident & adequate medical treatment is not available
...other weather events interrupt your Smoky Mountain stay
... you need roadside assistance or need your vehicle returned to your primary residence?

Important Note: Guests who initially decline insurance coverage can elect to purchase coverage up to the date the final rental payment is made OR 30 days prior to arrival at the rental property,whichever comes first. If someone is making a new reservation and is scheduled to arrive in less than 30 days, they may purchase insurance as long as they do it at the time of booking.

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