Tuesday, March 08, 2011


  1. Set up an INITIAL MEETING to discuss the details, invite list, and details of the Family Reunion
  2. Select a REUNION TYPE.  How expensive or affordable should it be and large a gathering should it be intended for.
  3. Find a LOCATION.  In this case, we are using Gatlinburg or The Smoky Mountains for families to travel and meet.
  4. BUDGET.  Give enough time for families to save and commit to the family reunion. They will have to feel comfortable about paying for the trip and make travel plans. This all takes time!  Call a reputable cabin rental company in the Smokies to help you with your planning and accommodations in Gatlinburg.
  5. ACTIVITIES.  Most family reunion activities will need pre-planning to get them up and running. Work to bring family members closer together.  Assign some activies, but leave free time for families to gather, talk, and share stories too.
  6. Pick a THEME.  In this case, the outdoors will be featured as the mountains have many different beautiful sceneries to share.  Allow an icebreaker possibly outdoors, so distant family members can meet again and feel more comfortable within the large group. 
  7. FOOD.  This may be one of the single most important parts of a family reunion.  Food brings family together and families look forward to this while they are together in an adventurous new place. The best part of family reunions. This could quite possibly be the only activity that the entire family is a part of, so get it right.
  8. ENJOY.  Make sure to enjoy yourself, and try to make sure others are doing the same.  There are finances, time, and stress involved with any kind of vacation planning.  Make sure there is plenty of fun, relaxation, and talking going on so that the family reunion will be a success.
  9. PHOTOS.  It is important to possibly contract out a professional photographer or designate a family member with camera skills to photograph the family reunion and its activities.  Sometimes families only get together once a year or once every five years, so photos are good for memories and to share with others in the future.
  10. TRADE EMAILS, HUGS, & GOODBYES.  After the family reunion is undoubtedly a success, reach out and keep in touch.  Maybe it would be beneficial to have a parting gift or souvenir of your Smoky Mountain Family reunion.  Trade emails, phone numbers, and hugs goodbye.  Maybe the family can set out to do it all again next year!

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