Monday, March 07, 2011

Black Bears in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (The Smoky Mountains)

Did you know that although they are called black bears, colors can range from black to cinnamon brown, silver-blue and, occasionally, even white? The white bears are called "Spirit" or "Kermode" bears.

Ten Fast Facts About Black Bears

1.  eat mostly berries, nuts, grasses, carrion, and insect larvae
2.  have color vision and a keen sense of smell
3.  are good tree climbers and swimmers 
4.  very intelligent and curious 
5.  can run up to 35 miles per hour
6.  weigh an average of 125 to 600 pounds
7.  go without food for up to 7 months during hibernation in northern ranges
8.  usually give birth to 2 to 3 cubs during the mother's sleep every other year
9.  can live over 25 years in the wild (average age in the wild is 18)
10.  are typically shy and easily frightened

Our log cabins grace the same mountainous terrain that are beloved Bears patrol, so we gave them some respect in naming our beautiful log cabin rentals in Gatlinburg.  Some of the luxury cabin rental names include:  Boulder Bear, Bear Splash, Dare to Bear, Bear's Lair, Big Bear View, Big Bear Cinema, Life's A Bear, Bear Naked Lodge, and A Bear's Eye View.  We can't BEAR naming too many other BEARY beautiful cabins BEAR names, but we love our Smoky Mountain Black Bears!  When you think of Bears, think of staying at Aunt Bug's Cabin Rentals.  They'll definitely give you all the fun & relaxation you can bear in a vacation to the Smokies!

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